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Automated Material Handling Systems From MJ Engineering

MJ Engineering specializes in design, implementation, and engineering Robotic Material Handling systems. The main goal of a material handling system is to move parts from one location to another. There are a variety of applications that are considered material handling systems. Material handling systems include:

  • Robotic pick and place systems: This is an application where a part is picked up via a robot with an end-of-arm-tool. The part is then moved to (possibly including reorientation) a different place and set down for the process to continue. Pick and place can occur by itself or as part of a larger assembly project or as machine tending.
  • Palletizing and depalletizing systems: Palletizing is the process of taking completed goods off of a conveyor and putting them into a box/tray or building a completed pallet ready for shipping. Depalletizing is the process of taking products off of a pallet and putting them into the beginning of the process. These cells are likely the beginning or end of the larger assembly process.
  • Part and product manipulation: This robot cell would be responsible for correctly positioning an incoming product on an outgoing conveyor. A good example of this would be if you had a part coming in facing left and you needed it to be facing right, a robot could turn the part to make it face right.
  • Sagger handling systems: This cell is responsible for picking up a sagger and dumping the contents, then placing the sagger where it needs to be for the sagger to get reused.

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Improving Material Handling Systems Via Automation

Material handling when done with automation, looks completely different than material handling without automation. Without automation, material handling consists of a human operator performing all of the tasks. With automation, material handling is done either with a robot or some kind of repeatable device like a gantry. Each system will require an end of arm tool (EOAT) that will actually pick up the part as desired. This could include vacuum cups, grippers or electro-magnets to hold a part in place. So what does automation do to these operations?

Some of the benefits of material handling automation include:

  • Increased production
  • Better or more consistent quality
  • Lower costs per part (reduced labor/benefits)
  • Capabilities to run parts to tighter tolerances
  • Systems can run 24/7 or even lights out operations
  • Handles ergonomically difficult projects with ease

These functions alone show the advanced benefits of switching to automation. Whether that procedure includes robots or not, you will gain many added benefits to automating your process.
your current process to fit what the robot is going to do. Robots don’t take breaks, they also don’t get distracted, which means parts are constantly being moved as long as the queue is full.

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