MJ Engineering collaborated with Focused Technologies to develop the award-winning (Best Maintenance of Way Product 2020) and patented SpikeEase railroad spike remover. The SpikeEase project originated as a college senior design project, which MJ Engineering completely redesigned to make stronger, lighter, more powerful, more ergonomic, and easier to use. This product utilizes a customized acme screw and acme nut that when turned by an off-the-shelf impact wrench uses leverage to pull the spike out of the tie. This product is an investment in safety and productivity that pays for itself by increasing production, reducing injuries, and eliminating the need for hydraulic equipment or claw bars. The SpikeEase is designed to be the lightest, easiest, and most eco-friendly spike remover in the world.

According to Focused Technology Solutions, the SpikeEase is the world’s most advanced battery-operated spike remover. Eliminating the need for hydraulic systems means un-tethering employees from service vehicles, heavy hoses, and expensive hydraulic power units.


  1. Design a battery-powered spike remover
  2. Improve maximum pull force
  3. Reduce the cost of and weight of the SpikeEase.
  4. Improve the ergonomics of using the SpikeEase in the field every day.
  5. Improve the strength and useful life of the SpikeEase


  • Weighs in at 30 pounds (not including drill or battery)
  • 3-7 seconds per spike removal
  • A rechargeable battery pack and a commercially available drill
  • Easy to transport anywhere the rail takes you
  • No hydraulic system to risk leaks and environmental hazards.