Backlit Conveyors Systems

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Engineers are responsible for coming up with creative solutions to problems that customers have and MJ Engineering is no different. Oftentimes that problem revolves around how to increase production and decrease labor costs. Palletizing and depalletizing cells are a quick and easy way to streamline a process that cuts out labor and increases productivity. However, when you have a product that needs to be inspected the process can be far more complex, and often it is easier to leave a person in charge of that process. One method for part inspection is through the use of a vision system. To enhance the capabilities of vision systems, MJ integrates them with our own specially designed backlit conveyor. 

MJ Engineering has created our own Ultra-brite backlit conveyor for our automation systems. Backlighting is a technique used frequently in vision system inspections when parts have differing contours or surface finishes or are prone to reflections. For example, a plastic part that may have oils on the surface will not work well under top lighted vision systems, but under a backlit system, the oil will not have any effect on the vision system. Our backlit conveyors use super brite LEDs (with a wide range of colors) that are built into the conveyor frame. There is a special plate over the LEDs to diffuse the light and create a nice smooth light for the vision system.

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The belt is a translucent belt that allows a significant amount of light to pass through. This allows the conveyor belt to transfer the part(s) into and out of the vision system without an operator, robot, or other transfer mechanisms. This can significantly reduce the cost of automating your inspection processes. The conveyor can be combined with ejection mechanisms to automatically reject bad parts while allowing good parts to continue to the next operation. Backlit conveyors are extremely useful for quality control, product safety, labeling, and assembly. The more contrast created, the better results you will get out of your vision system. 

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If you have a project that requires strict tolerances and you want to automate your process. Get in touch with us at MJ Engineering and we can provide you with all the information you will need to get the project kicked off. We have done numerous projects with our backlight conveyor and we want yours to be next. Contact us today.