Integration of Diesel Motor within a Shuttle Car for the Mining Industry

MJ Engineering was tasked with integrating a diesel motor and electric generator in place of a battery pack or cable reel of a mining shuttle car. The customer, who provided a specific set of specifications, needed the diesel motor packaged within the shuttle car’s existing 55 ¾” x 68″ x 32 ¾” reel compartment. We also faced the added challenge of having to ensure that the new motor/generator system was easy to maintain in the harsh and unforgiving mine environment.

To accomplish these tasks, MJ Engineering used a number of different design and engineering processes. We first designed a proper motor/generator mounting frame. Using the natural frequency of the motor/generator we were able to determine which frequencies to avoid so we could design the most stable mounting frame. Then we focused on designing a drive system linking the motor to the generator. Utilizing our outstanding design team we were able to eliminate the need for a battery pack or cable reel within the mining shuttle car. After all this work was completed, MJ Engineering was able to supply the client with 3D CAD models and CAD drawings of the final design.

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Project Description

MJ Engineering was tasked with integrating a Diesel Motor and an Electric Generator in a mining Shuttle car.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Design Concept for Various Motor/Generator Mounting Frames
  • Designed drive system linking Motor to Generator
  • Used the Natural Frequency of Motor/Generator to Determine the Natural Frequency to Avoid When Designing Mounting Frame
  • Created SolidWorks and Solid Edge 3D CAD Models & CAD Drawings of Final Design for Manufacturing


Process Requirements

  • Package Motor/Generator within Existing Reel Compartment
  • Ensure it is Easy to Maintain in a Mine environment.
  • Use Motor/Generator System Provided by Client


  • Eliminates the need for a Cable

More Info

Overall Dimensions
Car: 352″long x 108″ wide x 93 ½” high Motor/Generator Compartment: 55 ¾ wide x 68 high x 32 ¾” deep

Material Used
Steel plate and tubing

Industry for Use

Delivery Location

Standards Met
Customer supplied specifications

Product Name
Integration of Diesel Motor/Electric Generator into Mining Car