Engineering Analysis Services

We specialize in engineering analysis services covering a wide range of techniques for a wide range of industries

MJ Engineering has been providing expert analysis work for 35 years. We have assisted companies from the mining, amusement ride manufacturing, family entertainment centers, fire truck and general manufacturing industries. Some of the analyses performed might include finite element analysis, wind analysis, seismic analysis, calculations, strain gauge verification, risk/hazard assessments and more. Over the past 35 years we have had a wide variety of experience to draw upon when trying to solve your challenging problems.

Our 13 person firm can accommodate a wide range of analysis requests. There are many benefits to working with us. We have 3 Professional Engineers on staff and PE licenses in 10 states.

Mechanical and Structural Engineering Analysis Services

While we do static analyses as needed, we specialize in dynamic equipment analysis, i.e. equipment that moves and has variable loading.  This can include everything from amusement parks to mining equipment to cranes/lifting devices and many more.

Our Analysis Services Include:

      • Finite Element Analysis (Static, Non-linear, Dynamic)
      • Wind Analysis
      • Weld Analysis
      • Fatigue and Failure Analysis
      • Seismic Analysis
      • Hazard and/or Risk Assessment
      • Robot Cell Safety Assessment
      • And Many Additional Engineering Services

Engineering Analysis For a Broad Range of Applications

MJ Engineering has performed analysis services for a number of industries. A short list would include: Mining equipment, cranes and lifting devices, fire truck ladders and turntables and chassis, train chassis, amusement parks, molds, castings and forgings. We have helped large and small companies and can tailor our analysis capabilities to fit your needs and your budget.

  • Our Engineering Analysis Experience Includes:

  • FEA of a casting to compare to prior machining analysis
  • FEA of molds to help eliminate cracking of compression molds
  • Wind/Seismic/Fatigue analysis of amusement park rides to determine if they meet federal ASTM standards
  • Mining equipment canopies, roof bolters and other devices that are certified to carry certain loads
  • Fire truck ladders, turntables and outriggers that must function every day without fail.
  • Analysis of custom developed tools used in the railroad industry and packaging (strapping) industry
  • Analysis of a recreational vehicle chassis and doors to verify integrity in simulated rollover situations.
  • Vertical stability calculations, including determining vertical CG locations.
  • Custom pipe handling manufacturing equipment.
  • Analysis of custom shelving and a transfer cart for molds being swapped out of metal stamping machines.
  • View some examples of our work here.


Trusted Engineering Expertise

MJ Engineering has 35 years in business and over 75 years of experience in providing analysis work that has gone into perfecting our craft. Sometimes we provide limited support and only get to see a portion of the project and not the final results, but our favorite projects are where we are involved throughout, including assisting with the design evolution, prototype production and physical testing.  We can support your needs no matter how brief or extensive they may be.

Many of our customers are trying to get equipment approved to meet some sort of code, be it MSHA, ASTM, NFPA or IBC etc…  Because of this experience, we have an extensive background in codes (both federal and state level).  Code compliance can be a very confusing area for customers.  For example, in NJ or CA it isn’t good enough to meet ASTM F24 codes for amusement park rides, NJ and CA both have their own requirements that supersede some aspects of ASTM codes.

With our expertise and small size, we can be flexible enough to provide the service that you need, efficiently and effectively regardless of the project size.  Give us a call today to talk about your project requirements and how we can assist you.

MJ Engineering assists in numerous analysis services. Contact us today to see if we can help get you any certifications that you need.