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Robots Are Here to Enhance—Not Replace—Your Jobs

Quality control, improved efficiency, and increased throughput are all good reasons for companies to automate their processes. Look at MJ Engineering’s Oral Syringe Filling Machine, for example. Automation takes over repetitive, mundane, or dangerous tasks (thereby...

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Creating Technology Through Design Innovation

By MJ Engineering & Consulting Inc. MJ Engineering’s CAD software vendor, Computer-Aided Technology Inc. (CATI), knows we do amazing things with their product. So, they asked company president, Richard Wand, to share his expertise about design innovation on video....

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2018 Winter Newsletter

Meet the Latest Machines from MJ Engineering! MJ Engineering recently completed two custom-designed machines for clients in the medical and automotive industries that save time, improve quality and accuracy, and reduce waste. The syringe filling machine (right) can...

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