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“What is design innovation? And how do we use it to ensure the success of our clients? Watch the video to see how we use design innovation to design the latest most high tech robotic vision systems.”

Engineering Frenzy – Amusement Ride

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Engineering Frenzy

While you are dangling in the air, staring straight down at the pavement 60 feet below (getting closer every second), it is not the time to worry whether the ride you are strapped into is safe. However, it is a legitimate concern—one that most likely more...

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2018 Fall Newsletter

Meet the Team! Two of the newer members of the MJ Engineering team, Corey Caldwell and Shripal Bhavsar, both agree that a few of their favorite things about working at MJ Engineering are the variety of projects and industries they get to work with and the...

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Robots Are Here to Enhance—Not Replace—Your Jobs

Quality control, improved efficiency, and increased throughput are all good reasons for companies to automate their processes. Look at MJ Engineering’s Oral Syringe Filling Machine, for example. Automation takes over repetitive, mundane, or dangerous tasks (thereby...

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