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Vision Tracking System Helps Manufacturer & Clients

At MJ Engineering, we don’t settle for a quick fix; we work to solve the root problem. That is exactly what we did when one of the largest pan manufacturers in the US approached us looking for a solution to a problem their bakery customers faced. Problem: Malfunction...

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The Key to Any Good Turnkey Project – MJ Engineering

What Is a Turnkey Project? A turnkey project, such as robotic systems integration, is like a one-stop-shop, where MJ Engineering handles the entire scope of work from start to finish. “All the customer has to do is plug and play,” says MJ Engineering’s Director of...

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Adaptable Machines Meet More of Your Needs

What is an adaptable machine? An adaptable machine is customizable with a design that adjusts to meet your needs. It can handle a variety of parts and product styles, eliminating the need for multiple machines. MJ Engineering can design an adaptable...

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“What is design innovation? And how do we use it to ensure the success of our clients? Watch the video to see how we use design innovation to design the latest most high tech robotic vision systems.”

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