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Engineering Services For Rides and Attractions


MJ Engineering is a professional engineering company with a specialization in supporting manufacturers and owners of amusement rides. We can provide services ranging from design to certification and inspection to repair and restoration. For more information about our certification processes and our risk assessment process, see our whitepapers. Contact us today to learn more about our ride engineering, inspection, and analysis services.

  • Amusement Park Ride Engineering Services We Provide

    MJ Engineering provides a wide variety of services for ride operators, manufacturers, regulators, owners, and more. Design and certification tasks are typically performed for the manufacturer, and can include CAD work, wind analyses, seismic analyses, finite element analyses, and physical testing. Inspection and repair/restoration tasks are typically performed for the ride owner, and can include corrosion specific or general ride inspections, repair procedures for known issues and restoration/modification of older (orphaned) rides that are no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

    Ride Engineering Services Include:

    • CAD design
    • Fabrication drawings
    • FEA Analysis on Rides
    • Wind Analysis
    • Seismic Analysis
    • Patron Load Capacity, including imbalanced loads
    • Corrosion Inspections
    • Repair/restoration procedures

  • Types of Rides & Attractions We Provide Engineering Services For

    We have worked in the industry for 13 years and worked on coasters, portable rides, fixed park rides, family entertainment center attractions, swing rides, zip rails and other unique attractions.

    While no two submissions are the same, we have worked with a lot of state, local city and townships to get rides approved. We have worked tirelessly with New Jersey and other states that can be considered difficult to work with overall. We are licensed in 10 states with 3 professional engineers on staff and work with other firms to handle other states we aren’t actively licensed in today.

    Attractions We’ve Worked On Include:

    • Drop Towers
    • Trampoline Parks
    • Climbing Attractions
    • Portable Rides
    • Roller Coasters
    • Swing rides, like Giant Swing, Screamer, Double Screamer, Alibaba, Vertigo and many others

MJE engineering services

Our Engineering Expertise In Amusement Park Rides and Attractions

One example of our engineering in amusement rides is a drop tower we supported.  We functioned as the ride engineer for a European drop tower manufacturer installing a ride in the US that was located close to the coast.  We validated the ride with FEA (including redesigns when required), physical testing, on-site installation support and ride commissioning support.  Within the first two months of the ride being opened, a category 1 hurricane hit land close to the installation site with 76 mph winds and the site experienced a magnitude 5.8 earthquake.  Quite the unexpected tests, but the ride survived everything just fine.

If you have a ride that needs proper certification. Trust the experts at MJ Engineering to get you everything you need and more to ensure that you have the perfect ride.


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