County Fairs

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MJ Engineering has started providing third-party support on amusement rides at a number of Ohio county fairs. The engineering team has been working closely with State of Ohio ride inspectors, ride owners, and operators to review documented instances of ride corrosion and fatigue. Our engineers have been able to facilitate discussions with ride manufacturers and provide expert opinions on the effects that specific instances of corrosion and fatigue create on the overall ride structure, and most importantly, the safety of the ride.

The passing of “Tyler’s Law” in 2019, which brought more oversight to the ride review process, placed a greater emphasis on the regular review of corrosion and fatigue for rides coming into Ohio. Ride inspectors have documented a greater number of corrosion instances on rides than ever before. When inspections occur the day(s) before a fair opens, it can be very difficult to get info back from ride owners quickly enough. This bottleneck has posed a significant challenge to the process of opening and operating rides this year. Luckily, that’s where we can help.

MJ Engineering is able to help review the corrosion in a timely manner with the goal to get rides open while ensuring the experience and safety of the patrons. It is important to note, we do not overrule the ride manufacturer. We communicate openly with ride manufacturers to get necessary engineering information to understand the extent and implications of the specific corrosion damage. Finally, we also provide third-party review and opinion in instances that manufacturers are: unavailable, untimely, or no longer in business. We are able to meet with the ride operators and inspectors, review the damage first-hand, work with the manufacturer, and develop the best solution for the damage present on the ride.  

The most recent list of fairs we have been to include a few of the following: 

  • Canfield County Fair
  • Allen County Fair
  • Mercer County Fair
  • Fayette County Fair
  • Cuyahoga County Fair

And many more!

While we do work for County fairs we can also inspect stationary amusement park rides. If you have a ride that needs support, reach out to us and we will send a member from our superior engineering team out to meet with you and review the ride to determine what next steps need to be taken to protect not only the riders but yourself as well. So don’t wait, contact us today!