Machine Design of Custom Steel Pipe Handling System for the Manufacturing Industry

A manufacturing client approached MJ Engineering to design a custom steel pipe handling system. Using the latest in SolidWorks 3D CAD software, we were able to design both the needed machinery and a master control system.

The custom designed machinery is capable of loading and unloading raw pipe lengths into a CNC threading and cutting cell. We created a handling system that is able to cingulate stock pipe from an accumulation hopper, convey pipe from the output side and sense pipe length and sort it into the correct bin on the discharge end.

To make the machine even more user-friendly, MJ Engineering designed a master PLC system that not only controls movement of the pipe into and out of the CNC cell but also has a touch screen HMI that allows easy operator access and troubleshooting.

We supported the client by offering full assembly and installation of both the steel pipe handling system and the PLC.

For more information on this design project please contact MJ Engineering or see below for details.

Project Description

MJ Engineering designed this machinery to load and unload a pipe into a CNC threading and cutting cell.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Design Machine in SolidWorks 3D CAD
  • Design the Control System


  • Assemble the Handling System
  • PLC Programming
  • Electrical Enclosure Wiring
  • Machine Wiring


  • Install Handling System
  • Final Assembly
  • Final Wiring Connection
  • Machine Leveling
  • Securing Machine to Floor
  • Installation Programming


Loading equipment that was provided by MJ, which loads raw pipe lengths into the CNC cell. Individual pipes are cingulated onto rollers that convey pipe into the cutting cell.
MJ provided a master PLC system that controls movement of the pipe into and out of the CNC cell. This system has a touch screen HMI that allows easy operator access and troubleshooting.
The CNC cutting/threading machine can produce various lengths.
MJ provided a discharge / sortation conveying system that is capable of identifying individual pipe sections by length and delivering them to the correct bin.

Manufacturer was Able to Reduce Manual Operation of the Cutting/Tapping Cell

More Info

Process Requirements
Ability to Cingulate Stock Pipe from An Accumulation Hopper
Feed Pipe into Cutting Cell Using Control Signals from PLC
Convey Pipe from the Output Side
Sense Pipe Length and Sort Into Correct Bin

Overall Cell Dimensions
Length: 42′
Width: 4′
Height: 5′

Material Used
Processes Steel Piping

Industry for Use
Pipe Manufacturing

Delivery Location

Standards Met
Customer supplied specifications

Product Name
Design of Steel Pipe Handling System