Quarterly Newsletter 2021:Q4

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Richard’s Roundtable

Robotic Integrators tend to develop niche’s through their experiences. MJ Engineering is no different. We have developed a niche serving the powder processing industry with our robotic sagger handling cell. We have robotic solutions that can handle multiple different kiln styles including roller kilns, tunnel kilns and shuttle kilns. A single robot system is capable of handling 1400- 1500 saggers per day depending on the needs of the system. A two robot system can handle 2000 saggers or more per day. The robots use a proprietary EOAT (end of arm tool) that will not over squeeze the saggers because ceramic saggers don’t handle compression well. Overall the robot system can be integrated with dump stations, fill stations and crack inspection systems to remove saggers before they fail. The systems are designed to run 24 hours a day with little to no human interaction. Through our experience, we have found that robotically handling saggers increases the life of the sagger substantially.

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Fair Ride Inspections

MJ Engineering has started providing third party support on amusement rides at a number of Ohio County Fairs. Our engineers have been working with the state of Ohio ride inspectors and ride operators to review documented instances of ride corrosion and fatigue. Our engineers are able to facilitate discussions with ride manufacturers and provide expert opinion on the effects that specific instances of corrosion and fatigue create on the overall ride structure and, most importantly, the safety of the ride.

3D Printing Capabilities

MJ Engineering continues to experiment with new capabilities in 3D printing. As shown in the photo (left) we can insert H nuts inside the plastic then print over it to seal it inside the plastic. This allows us to put screws in parts to make them more complex. We can also put springs and other parts inside prints to make them more efficient for specific jobs and requests.

Backlight Conveyors

MJ Engineering has created our own Ultra-brite backlit conveyor for our automation systems. Backlighting is a technique used frequently in vision system inspections when parts have differing contours or surface finishes or are prone to reflections. For example, a plastic part which may have oils on the surface will not work well under top lighted vision systems, but under a backlit system, the oil will not have any effect on the vision system. Our backlit conveyors use super brite LEDs (with a wide range of colors) that are built into the conveyor frame. There is a special plate over the LEDs to diffuse the light and create a nice smooth light for the vision system.

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