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Youth Camp Hoist

MJ Engineering is part of a team with Hubbard Merrell Engineering and Vertical Solutions working together to improve a swing ride that operates at various youth camps across the country. The attraction lifts up to 3 passengers to the release point and holds them until...

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MJ Engineering does a lot of work for numerous companies. We work on everything from coal mines to amusement park rides to robotic systems. This particular case was designing a highly sophisticated system that could scan and upload data about pan usage in a bakery. ~...

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Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks 10 years and counting. MJ Engineering has been in the amusement industry for 10 strong years doing 50+ projects in this time ranging from small to large projects. We can provide finite element analysis or come on-site and run tests such as 3rd party...

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“What is design innovation? And how do we use it to ensure the success of our clients? Watch the video to see how we use design innovation to design the latest most high tech robotic vision systems.”

Engineering Frenzy – Amusement Ride