• Engineering Frenzy – Amusement Ride: MJ Engineering client A.R.M. (USA) Inc. put the finishing touches on the second evolution of its popular pendulum-style thrill ride, Frenzy, which MJ Engineering has been involved with from the beginning. The new Frenzy was unveiled in November at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo in Orlando to screams of enthusiasm from riders as they got above 90 degrees from vertical.

  • FANUC LR Mate – Adhesive Dispensing: MJ Engineering’s application of a FANUC LR Mate series robot with inverted mounting for adhesive dispensing. It includes a Home position with adhesive ejection to empty the hose/needle.

  • KUKA Bag Palletizing Robot: KUKA robot by MJ Engineering that precisely picks up bags and places them on a pallet at a rate of 20 bags per minute. The bag palletizing cell includes two put-down pallet positions and a reject position.

  • Robotic Arm Puts Large Bags on a Pallet: FANUC M410iA/140H bag palletizing robot by MJ Engineering. With multiple placement positions, it can palletize up to 18 bags per minute. The cell contains bag conditioning equipment that ensures even distribution of material before palletization.

  • MJ Tank Palletizer: MJ Engineering created an integrated robotic cell that utilizes a custom gripper tool to pick up 4 tanks at a time and place them on a pallet.  The gripper also has the functionality to grab pallets and slip sheets as needed to build a pallet stack for shipping.

  • What Is Design Innovation? With MJ Engineering: MJ Engineering President Richard Wand talks about design innovation and what it means for his team of engineers.