Custom Designed Collaborative Robotic Assembly Cell Application

A plastic injection molding manufacturer was in need of a collaborative automation system to aid the task of tendng an ultrasonic welder. The weld process has a fast cycle time that required a full-time person to tend the process and inspect each part after the weld was complete. The Universal robot was selected due to ease of programming and its collaborative rating.

Upon completion of the risk evaluation it was determined that the guarding could be reduced substantially compared to a traditional robot. This allows the operators to interact with the robot cell while it is actively tending the welder.

The automated inspection is completed using a SICK smart camera to detect presence of cracks in the material caused by the weld process. Including the automated inspection task makes the automation of this tending application possible.

Project Description

This Custom Designed Robotic Cell is used for tending an ultrasonic welder.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cell Design

  • Conception of Cell that Meets Unique Production Requirements
  • Safety audit based on current RIA standards
  • Create SolidWorks 3D Models of Cell Concept

Tooling Design

  • End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) Design
  • Automated vision inspection system
  • Inspect each part after welding for stress cracks
  • Isolate any potential defects

System Assembly

  • Assemble program and pre-ship testing of the cell


Utilizes Universal UR5 – Collaborative Robot

Use of a collaborative cell allows minimizing of physical guarding and associated safety control devices.
Automated tending of an ultrasonic welder by picking assemblies from a tray and placing them into the welder fixture. The fixture clamps the part and executes the weld cycle. When the weld cycle is complete the robot picks the assembly and presents it to the vision inspection station. Pass and Fail parts are isolated from each other.

Provides production rates and consistency that is not capable with manual procedures.
Improved safety by removing the operator from the high noise area created by the ultrasonic welder.

More Info

Overall Cell Dimensions
72″ long x 60″ wide