County Fairs

MJ Engineering has started providing third-party support on amusement rides at a number of Ohio county fairs. The engineering team has been working closely with State of Ohio ride inspectors, ride owners, and operators to review documented instances of ride corrosion and fatigue. Our engineers have been able to facilitate discussions with ride manufacturers and provide expert opinions on the effects that specific instances of corrosion and fatigue create on the overall ride structure, and most importantly, the safety of the ride.

Fall 2014 Update


Do you know what the potential benefits of automation are for your assembly process?

Is there potential for increased production, improved manpower utilization or safety improvements?

MJ Engineering can work with you to review the current process, understand the goals and parameters to identify the potential benefits of automation for part or all of the process.

MJ Engineering can provide accurate detailed process simulations using Fanuc robots on your process. There are many aspects of an application that can be accurately validated with a software simulation such as:

  1. Accurate simulated average process throughput. In many applications the robot performing the primary task runs much faster than the associated process equipment.
    • We can include the primary robot tasks and any directly related secondary tasks into the simulation to give an accurate
      average production rate.
  2. The basics of reach and speed for the robot task(s) can be verified.
  3. For applications that are higher speed or approaching the payload capacity of the robot the simulation provides an accurate model of the servo motor loading. This can also be used to fine tune the motion path to make it more efficient.
  4. The simulation provides a video of the process. This is very helpful when reviewing the application and for presentation purposes.
Once the simulation is complete MJ Engineering can provide cost estimates for all aspects of the automation project.

Spring 2014 Update


CFD stands for computational fluid dynamics. A CFD analysis consists of a model which analyzes problems involving fluid flow (including air, water, or other). CFD analyses are commonly used to study such phenomena as air over plane wings, water through pipes or gas flow through orifices. MJ Engineering is now providing complete CFD analysis services using the SolidWORKS Simulation Premium Package.

  • Drop Test Analysis
  • Thermal Structural Analysis
  • Plastic and Rubber Part Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Frequency Analysis
  • Linear Strees Analysis
  • Structural Analysis

MJ has been providing FEA and mechanical certification services for over 10years now for the mining industry, general manufacturing and amusement park ride industry. Feel free to call and ask about specific needs you may have.


There are many reasons to automate an inspection or identification process including:

  • Consistent quality control
    • Reduce re-work, returns and scrap
  • Better utilization of manpower
  • Ability to perform hi-spped inspections (at production rate)

MJ Engineering has provided a wide range of automated inspection systems for identification, verification and measuring purposes.

Do you have a process that requires?

  • Reading and of a 1D or 2D code
    • Ask about the MJ Code Logging System!
  • Measuring the size or verifying the correct size is present.
    • We can measure parts in a single dimension or all three.
  • Verifying the correct color is present, and does not drift out of tolerance.
  • Verifying that an assembly is complete.
  • Logging of images and data to local or remote servers.

We have experience with all of the above and usually have vision systems in the shop to test on your application.


There has been a lot of hype about collaborative robots, these are robots that can work side by side with people “without the need for guarding”. MJ Engineering can provide both the functional and safety review to determine if your application is a good potential for a collaborative robot installation. There are five levels of collaborative robot installations defined and only the last one allows for no or very little physical guarding to be employed in the installation. It is actually a combination of the task, tooling and robot programming that can allow for this type of installation.

Spring 2013 Update


MJ Engineering has opened a second office location in the Atlanta area – Peachtree City, Georgia. This office location will help us serve our southern customers better with easier direct access. For all of our southern customers, please feel free to contact Graham Wand at this office to discuss any engineering or machine design build needs.

Graham Wand P.E.
Sales Engineer, Vice President
Post Office Box 3198 • Peachtree City, Georgia 30269
Phone: 770-855-1430


This has been an interesting year in the field for the MJ team. Our field trips have ranged from watching rides we have helped on at amusement parks to measuring mining equipment in the snow. It is this great variety that keeps our jobs very interesting and sometimes also very challenging.

The manufacturing plants that we have been active in this year include: Foundries, Plastic and Rubber, Glass, Food, Steel, Packaging, Bakeries, Propane Tanks amp; Automotive suppliers.


I have decided to focus this newsletter on the mobile devices many of us are using now. There are many APP’s available for both Apple and Android operating systems, some are actually useful to engineers. I have an Android phone that has many advantages and with 1000’s of Apps available it is hard to find all of the “useful” ones. The following is a short list of some that may be worth trying. (I have tried to be fair to both Apple and Android users.)

  • Solidworks eDrawings for iPad—View Solidworks Files
  • AutoCAD WS For Andriod and Apple—View Edit and Share DWG files
  • My Measures for Android—All you have to do is take a photo of an object you wish to store dimensions of. Then you add dimensions: arrows and text.
  • Engineering Cookbook app for Android—targets mechanical engineers, Heating and Cooling,Sound and Vibration.
  • Slide Rule for Andriod and iPad—For those of us that started in engineering before calculators were “smart”.
  • Wolfram Alpha for Android and iPad—Described as the Star Trek Computer for your Smart device. Lets you instantly compute answers to questions across thousands of domains—from finance and food to math and medicine to stocks and spacecraft to wordplay and weather …


MJ Engineering has been involved in many interesting and useful projects in 2012 ranging from consumer products to some we can’t talk about. The ones we are going to be publishing more information about are robot and manufacturing related.

For example we have provided robots to two local customers, one for palletizing and one for material sand blasting. In both cases the tasks were completed entirely by hand before the installation of the robot.

As we progress into 2013 more detailed information on our projects will be added to our website, we hope that this helps our customers see what we are capable of and how we can help to reduce labor and increase the production efficiency.

Spring 2012 Update


We are pleased to have Jarrod Bichon join MJ this past fall as our Manager of Automation and Robotics. His responsibilities will include project evaluations, project management, product development and sales related to robotics and manufacturing automation applications. Jarrod has over 10 years of experience in robotic applications with a well known robotic supplier where he worked his way up from an applications engineer to the President of the company. We hope to provide him a very challenging position with extensive opportunities to further develop his experience in the custom machine design and robotic applications focus.

Jarrod also helps expand the technical expertise offered by MJ with his extensive welding experience backed by a Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering degree from Ohio State


We are currently working on a completely new design for the MJ website with a goal of being easier to navigate and do a better job of representing our capabilities by highlighting past projects.
Our goal is to have it up and running early this year.


MJ has been providing design and analysis services for a wide range of industry including medical, heavy truck, mining machinery and fire truck industry for many years now. Over the past couple of years we have added amusement park rides to that list.

Primarily MJ is providing finite element analysis (FEA) verifications for ride capacities, verification of cables, sheaves, cylinders, chain, shackles, bolts, welded connections, bearings, etc, wind load calculations, basic ride kinematics, static and dynamic outrigger loads and blocking pressure on the ground, fatigue calculations, and assistance with Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA).


Engineering Consulting services are a core service provided by MJ Engineering, these services vary from customer to customer and project to project. Some examples of these services are;

Finite Element Analysis:

  • Failure Analysis
  • Verification of a design to meet process requirements

Professional Engineering Services:

  • Design and certification of lifting devices
  • Wind load Certifications
  • Canopy Certifications

Engineering Design Services:

  • Engineering support for project staffing
  • Complete engineering design team service

Engineering Consulting:

  • Research and document process capabilities including new technologies
  • System/process review – feasibility of automation studies
  • Engineering Studies
    • Automated Inspection capabilities
    • Time Studies
    • Concept and Design reviews
    • Concept / product testing


Like many companies we are constantly trying to improve, one of the methods we use is technical training. This can range from specific product training to training focused on a process or application. Some of the training attended by MJ staff this year includes; MICROSCAN Vision systems, Introduction to Pro-E Wildfire 4.0, Fundamentals of Hydraulics, Cognex Insight/Easy Builder, FANUC-(Intelligent Robot Options, Basic Robot Operations, New Product Training, iRVision, Force Control), Sensopart Vison Systems, SICK Vision systems, Professional Development and Time Management.