Custom Designed Robotic Bag Palletizing

A large farm feed supplier was in need of automation on a high volume bag filling line. The production on this line is typically 8000 bags per shift. The pre-automation method of palletizing the bags included many material handling personnel.

This bag filling line is capable of a wide range of fill weights and bag sizes so the automated system needed to be flexible and easy to change from product to product.

The Fanuc robot and cell that MJ designed and installed was able to meet the flexibility requirements and maintain a small space requirement. By utilizing the (DCS) option and a custom cell design MJ was able to offer a cell with a footprint much smaller than the competition. Dual Check Safety (DCS) Position and Speed Check software option, from Fanuc, provides safety rated speed and position monitoring without additional hardware or external switches or relays.

Project Description

This robotic cell automatically palletizes bags on one of two pallet stacking locations. This along with Fanuc DCS© and the installed safety system allow for continuous palletizing operation.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cell Design

  • Conception of cell that meets capabilities of varying bag sizes
  • Create SolidWorks© 3D models of cell concept

Operator and Maintenance Training


Fanuc DCS and Pallet Tool are utilized in this cell. DCS provides the internal robot safety check on speed and position that are used with the external safety controls to provide a safe method for the operator to work with the robot cell. One filled pallet on station 1 can be exchanged for an empty while the robot is filling station 2 and vise versa.

Hi Speed palletizing of bagged feed and corn, up to 18bags per minute.
Multiple bag sizes from 25lb to 50lb and multiple pallet stacking styles can be selected
Bag conditioning and conveying to robot cell were provided.
Small footprint.
Based on the Fanuc M410/140 which provides very high reliability.

More Info

Overall Cell Dimensions
160″ x 192″

Pattern Size Capabilities
25lb bags to 50lb bags

Tightest Tolerances

Material Used

In Process Testing Performed
The system was tested on a pallet of each bag size prior to being shipped to the customer for install.

Industry for Use

Delivery Location

Standards Met
Customer supplied part pallet stacking styles

Product Name
Robotic Bag Palletizer