Fall 2014 Update


Do you know what the potential benefits of automation are for your assembly process?

Is there potential for increased production, improved manpower utilization or safety improvements?

MJ Engineering can work with you to review the current process, understand the goals and parameters to identify the potential benefits of automation for part or all of the process.

MJ Engineering can provide accurate detailed process simulations using Fanuc robots on your process. There are many aspects of an application that can be accurately validated with a software simulation such as:

  1. Accurate simulated average process throughput. In many applications the robot performing the primary task runs much faster than the associated process equipment.
    • We can include the primary robot tasks and any directly related secondary tasks into the simulation to give an accurate
      average production rate.
  2. The basics of reach and speed for the robot task(s) can be verified.
  3. For applications that are higher speed or approaching the payload capacity of the robot the simulation provides an accurate model of the servo motor loading. This can also be used to fine tune the motion path to make it more efficient.
  4. The simulation provides a video of the process. This is very helpful when reviewing the application and for presentation purposes.
Once the simulation is complete MJ Engineering can provide cost estimates for all aspects of the automation project.