Custom Designed Inspection Robotic Cell for the Food Industry

Serving a customer in the food inspection industry, MJ Engineering designed this inspection robotic cell, working from a set of specifications provided by the client. These cells are designed with the purpose of eliminating the need for product destructive testing. Chief among the requirements was meeting cell testing protocols, as well as compatibility with existing custom specification inspection devices for the inspection system. Using SolidWorks, we created 3D models of the cell concept, ensuring proper interface and operation upon manufacture and installation.

A key feature of the inspection cell is the FANUC LR Mate 200iC 5H Series robot with integrated iRVision system, which provides highly repeatable and accurate placement of inspection items on the processing conveyor. MJ Engineering also provided electronic documentation, and operation training for equipment users, as well as ongoing long term product testing support.

Project Description

This Custom Designed Inspection Robotic Cell is used to inspect food products.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cell Design

  • Conception of Cell that Meets a Variety of testing Protocols
  • Create SolidWorks 3D Models of Cell Concept

Inspection System Design

  • Must Interface with Custom Spec Inspection Devices
  • Complete Detailed Cell Design


  • Provided ElectronicallyTraining
    • Operation Training Provided

Long Term Product Testing Support



  • Utilizes FANUC LR Mate 200iC 5H Series Integrated iRVision System
  • Automated Product Tracking
  • Orients Packages on Incoming Conveyor Line
  • Up to 60 Individual Units Per Minute
  • Positive Rejection of Identified Defect Packages


  • Vision System Provides Accurate & Repeatable Placement on the Processing Conveyor
  • Greatly Reduces need for Destructive Testing

More Info

Overall Cell Dimensions
Length: 96″
Width: 48″
Height: 72″

Tightest Tolerances
Pick and Place within 1mm

Material Inspected
Nutritional Supplements

Industry for Use

Delivery Location

Standards Met
Customer supplied specifications

Product Name
Custom Designed Robotic Cell for Food Inspection