Sagger Handling Systems

MJ Engineering is well versed in automating sagger handling applications for roller kiln and tunnel kiln applications.  Our robotic solutions will increase the life of your saggers through more gentle handling while relieving the operator of the ergonomic strain of constantly lifting and twisting all day long.  Our standard Turnkey system uses a Fanuc R2000 style robot to handle up to 1500 saggers per day.  We also offer a two robot system that can handle well in excess of 2000 saggers per day.

One issue with automating kiln systems is the tendency of the saggers to move from their  anticipated location.  MJ Engineering utilizes an integrated Fanuc iRVison system that will locate the sagger so the robot can adapt to any movement. After the saggers are located the robot will pick them up and dump the powder into the hopper then place them into an automated fill system (or directly under the nozzle) and then transfer a loaded sagger into the system. We utilize a proprietary EOAT design that will positively engage the saggers without squeezing the saggers.  

This allows our system to invert (dump) and shake or scrape powder without damaging the saggers.  The result is an improved life of the sagger and reduced cracking. MJ Engineering can handle saggers both with and without lids.  Saggers can be individually fed or stacked with lids.  We can add an automated AI-based vision system to assist with crack detection and removal of saggers prior to fracture preventing hours of unnecessary cleanup.

MJ Engineering has the knowledge, designs, and capabilities to handle these sagger applications and countless other kinds of applications. We can build anything from turnkey systems to depal cells to pick and place cells. So if you have an application that needs automating today don’t wait to contact us at (614)-891-6111 or email us at