Spring 2016 Update


We want to congratulate Phil Snyder on his recent accomplishment of passing the Ohio Professional Engineering exam. Phil has been working full time and studying for the past few months to reach this goal and now can relax. “Of course this means he will be accumulating more responsibilities”.


Is a collaborative robot the right choice for your automation needs? Is it fast, safe and a cost effective solution for YOUR application? There are many options for collaborative robots on the market and each one has specific benefits.

MJ Engineering has training and experience with the safe integration of collaborative robotic applications. We can evaluate your application and provide realistic expectations for both production rates and cost of ownership with short and long term perspectives.



  • SAFETY – Automation is a great tool to help reduce the risks associated with manual tending of automated machinery.
    1. RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) – utilize a robot to provide repetitive tasks that currently require a person to tend the machine.
    2. Injury avoidance – the robot can be used for a task that normally would expose an operator to hazards on an ongoing basis.
  • MANPOWER UTILIZATION – Do you have machine tending tasks that require a person at the machine full time performing the load and/or un-load task? Could this persons abilities be better utilized by freeing them to perform other value added tasks?
  • QUALITY – An automated machine tending system can incorporate pre and post inspection such as:
    1. Size – Dimensional verification
    2. Presence – Are all of the critical attributes present
    3. Color – From simple is it red or green to – is it the correct color of red or green.
  • INCREASED PRODUCTION – Automated machine tending can provide high speed continuous tending of your process equipment.
  • TRACEABILITY – The automated system can track specific parts (with a RFID tag or 2D code) and general production information. This information can be permanently logged and also evaluated to help increase productivity and quality.



  • MJ Engineering is a registered engineering firm in multiple states with the ability to evaluate your process to determine the best automated approach and deliver an automated tending solution and that meets your objectives..
  • Factory supported and trained on multiple automation platforms and vision inspection systems.
  • Experience in a wide range of applications. MJ Engineering is an expert in material handling, automated assembly and material removal.
  • Ability to analyze the overall process and provide options to best fit your specific needs

Ability to create robotic simulations to prove out concepts prior to large capital expenditures.

Contact us at sales@mjengineering.com for automation support