Robotic Weld Cell

Additional Unit Information
Input Voltage 460vac, 30
Compressed Air 90 psi
Robot Capacity 10Kg/20Kg
Robot Reach 1098mm/2009mm
Unit Weight ~1700#

Project Description

The MJ Engineering Robotic Adhesive/Weld Cell is a portable arc welding cell that can be used for welding or applying a wide range of adhesive products a wide range of assemblies. The cell is completely customizable to meet the needs of various industries including automotive and applicance.



  • Robot FANUC ArcMATE 100iC robot
    • R30iB Controller
    • Installed DCS package – Speed and position check for safety
  • Rotary table with 2 fixture bases
  • Light curtain at operator access
  • Portable Cell
  • Short lead time



  • Meets RIA Standards
  • SICK Light curtains
  • Door Interlocks

Reliability and Efficiency

  • Allows speed and consistency that is not capable with manual procedures
  • Increased production rates
  • Eliminates setup time for operator
  • Control System allows for storage and easy retrieval of multiple programs
  • Easy access for maintenance


  • Can be moved by forklift


  • Robot Model
  • Integrated touch screen operator interface panel
  • Power source, compatible with most common power supplies
  • Torch
  • Wire feeder
  • Aux axis indexer
  • Fixture design/fabrication
  • On-site installation
  • On-site training
  • On-site programming
  • Ventilation mounts
  • Intergrated Vision Inspection/Guidance