MJ Engineering is proud to announce another collaboration with Focused Technology Solutions
(FTS), this time the teams combined to create the LagEase. The LagEase is the World’s Most
Advanced Battery-Operated Lag Inserter. The LagEase is an investment in safety and productivity that pays for itself in faster, safer lag insertion with less labor and no need for hydraulic fluid, hoses, or generators. This tool is designed to be safer, faster, and stronger than any other on the market.


  • Drives lags in 3 seconds
  • Up to 20 pounds lighter than conventional hydraulic lag inserters
  • No hazardous hydraulics, hoses, or fluids
  • No gas-powered generators
  • No setup time necessary
  • Takes just one worker to operate


  1. Design a battery-powered lag inserter
  2. Minimize lag insertion times
  3. Minimize the cost and weight of the lag inserter
  4. Maximize the strength and useful life of the lag inserter
  5. Maximize the ergonomics of the lag inserter


  • About 30 pounds
  • 3-second lag drives
  • A rechargeable battery pack and commercially available drill
  • Easy to transport anywhere the rail takes you
  • No hydraulic system to risk leaks or environmental hazards